The Harbingers

All around the world people have reported visitations from an ethereal intelligence known as harbingers. Dating back to ancient times these beings have appeared to man usually to relay some sort of message. These entities seem to take on different forms over the years and when encountered,  are associated with Precognitive Dreams, Sense Of Missing Time, Visual and Auditory Experiences and even Abduction. One of the most famous accounts of such creatures occurred in the sleepy town of Pt. Pleasant, WV where local towns people began to see a shadowy, winged, red eyed figure which came to be known as “The Mothman”. Many associate the appearance of  this being with the collapse of the Silver Bridge which happened shortly after sightings started and after the tragedy, the sightings stopped. These things have also been reported before other major tragedies like 9/11, The earthquakes in China and Japan, Hurricane Katrina and various other disasters. Is it just a coincidence that people report encounters with these beings before such events? Or is it, as many believe, a warning of things to come.